Fully Automatic Dry-Cleaning / De-Oil Machine
Power / Silence / Clearance
  • Product Name : TCL-8012 Fully Automatic dry-wash de-oil machine
  • Product Feature : Power / Silence / Clearance
Description :
1. Move frequency:memory of the machine move frequency.
2. Set frequency:set washing times. The faceplate would indicate and ding to remind to change the filter system.
3. Temperature contrl:when machine is moving, the temperature is 36ºC, radiator system would move automatically.
On the side, could add equipment, when the temperature is up to 38ºC, the machine would sound.
4. Oil tank circulatory:would extend filter system service life.
5. Oil stage present:oil stage would show on the monitor, when the machine move.
Function :

§ Intelligent washing program combination §
Circulation washing
Fixed washing
Swinging washing
High-class clothing, protection design, positive and negative turning for one second, pausing for three seconds.
Normal washing
Positive turning can be set at 1-99 second; pause can be set at 2-99 seconds.

Specification Table :



Load capacity (Dry weight) kg (lb)

12 (26.7)

Cylinder size mm (inch) ∮ 650×360
( ∮ 25.6×14.2 )
Cylinder volume liters (ft3) 120 (4.2)

Rotation speed

Wash speed rpm

15 ~ 50

Balance rpm


Extract speed 1 RPM


Extract speed 2 RPM


Pipe diameters

Water inlet valve



2 1/2″

Oil pump motor size HP (kw)

1/2 HP(0.375)

Motor size HP (kw)

3 (2.25)

Motor transmission


Anti-vibration system

Spring and shocks support

Door diameter mm (inch)

∮ 310 (12.2)

"G" Force


Control system

Microprocessor control (PLC) system

Mechanical dimensions mm (inch)

Width 1070 (42.1)

Depth 1375 (54.1)

Height 1593 (62.7)

Net Weight kg (lb)

Approximate   820 (1822)

If there is any design variation, please base on the real article.
Main Structure :
High Efficient Rotating System
Main shaft drives together with its motor based on scale design.
With the high performance frequency converter design
Motor operation adopts the high performance frequency converter, washing de-oil rotation rate switch uses digital control.
Suspension System Design
With a high safety level, it does not need any reinforcement for the base of the washer.
Safety Door Design
Let operation safer and washing more at ease.
Microcomputer L.C.D. Operation System
More than 40 diversified washing programs, trouble-shooting automatically and recording washing times, and can connect with computer to remote control machinery, alter programmed and to make breakdown diagnosis.
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