Washing Machines
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Description :

Industrial washing machines included washer/extractor, dry-wash de-oil machines, tumbler dryer, coin-operated. Machine model distinguish by quantity of dry clothing.

General laundry:
Adopt 16KG and 18KG washer/extractor, dry-wash de-oil machines, tumbler dryer probably.

Laundry factory
It is use to adopt 22KG and over 22KG model. Especially, we have large-size machines to supply laundry factories. The machine with special design can take out a lot of clothing by revolving and tilting.

Laundry center
: The machines that adopted almost large-size.

Coin-washer has three types, they are 6KG, 9KG, and 12KG. Our machines have the honor to win the patents No.106370, 112476, 106455, 116024 from Ministry of conomic Affairs, R.O.C. The patents of special designs are machine structure design, air cushion damper system, waste liquid recycle installation. Vendee could consider the cost and add designs what he need into the machine. Waste liquid recycle system could be installed in washer, and dry-cleaner. It could apply the available liquid again, not only save 30% ~ 40% water, but also a design of environmental protection.

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