Tair Woei
Factory Area:5224 Square Meters
Main Products:
1. Industrial washer/extractor machines and dry-wash de-oil machines.
2. All kinds of detergents and washing equipments productions and sale.
3. Abrasive Compound
1994 Industrial washer/extractor machines have been officially produced and sold.
1997 Industrial washer/extractor machines product from the small size(16kg,22kg,30kg)to large size 50kg and 100kg.
1999 Purchased the 3D computer design software "Solid Works 99" to improve the design skill.
2000 TAIR WOEI have the honor to have the "Protecting the intellectual property right molding company certificate"from the Taiwan Business Software Unit. 30KG and 50KG separate style washing machines has successfully been developed, and been used by Nuclear Energy Research Institute.
2001 Two assistance contracts that signed with precision machinery research center are "Machinery CE" logo technique document and "ISO-9001:2000 Quality control system"
2001 Our machines have the honor of quality identification by Hitachi Company. In the same time we have the contract to make the washing system for the fourth Nuclear Power Plant Cleaning Center.
2002 "ISO-9001:2000 Certificate"
2002 Successfully developed 6KG,9KG and 12KG coin-operated washer and 12KG auto dry-washer.

TAIR WOEI established in 1989, produce various detergents and laundry equipments professionally for laundry realm. And also set up trade department to import machines and special products that laundry realm needs.

Manufacture section included:
1. washing detergents.
2. Super-condensed detergents.
3. Industrial washer/extractor, dry-wash de-oil machines, tumbler dryer, coin-operated.

Import section included:
1. various kinds of chemical raw materials.
2. Industrial laundry machines.

Our company always keep the belief that the best quality and the best service.

We have personnel training, replenish equipments, enhance technology, keep improving, seek truth from fact all for serving.

Our company has promoted many detergent products to supply laundry realm for many years, and continue researching and developing more new products. If you have any question about our products or technology. Please feel free to contact us. We would welcome your visit, and service with all sincerity.

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